Dhafer Mohammed Alsalah


As an environmental enthusiast, Dhafer has indulged himself in a several JCIN projects with an environmental application ever since he joined the center. Dhafer has graduated from KAUST in 2014 with a masters of science in environmental sciences and engineering. The sequestration of metals from seawater project has poked his interest. In addition to that project, Dhafer has worked on the development of a novel membrane for fuel cells to promote durability and selectivity which are key factors in fuel cell membranes. The membrane is based on crown ethers as building blocks; the ring of oxygen atoms promotes further selectivity.


  • Alsalah, D.; Al-Jassim, N.; Timraz, K.; Hong, P.-Y. Assessing the Groundwater Quality at a Saudi Arabian Agricultural Site and the Occurrence of Opportunistic Pathogens on Irrigated Food Produce. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2015, 12, 12391-12411.

Submitted for Revision and Publication

  • Patel, H., Selberg, J., Salah, D., Stoddart, F. Proton Conduction in Tröger’s Base Linked Poly(crown ether)s. ACS Central Science. (2018)